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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's all about sex and love ~

Sex is full of lies.
The body tries to tell the truth, but it's usually too battered with rules to be heard, and bound with pretenses so it can hardly move.
We cripple ourselves with lies.
~ Jim Morrison

I have had countless conversations lately, some with very old friends, some with new friends. Some of our conversations have taken place over the telephone, some via e-mail, some while chatting and numerous face to face discussions. And, I'm left wondering, what the hell is going on in America?
It doesn't seem to matter who I talk to, no one is having sex! Newlyweds aren't doing it, singles aren't doing it, couples that have been together for years aren't doing it, and I don't get it!
It's been long debated that "love" doesn't actually exist. It's been said that "love" is really just a state of mind. It's a known fact that when you meet someone that you're attracted to chemicals in the brain are released. After a certain amount of time has passed, those chemicals are no longer being released, and that's when people begin to look outside their relationships. Everyone is, or seems to be, addicted to that chemical!
And, if it is the release of the chemical in the brain that attracts us to each other, then why can an individual that's in a relationship walk out the door and experience that with someone else? Obviously the chemical is still working... why isn't it working when they're with their significant other?
Where's the passion people? Where's the excitement? And why do we not pay as much attention to our partners as we do to complete strangers?
Relationships are difficult and there are numerous reasons why the flame goes out, but I can't help but believe that at the end of the day we can only blame ourselves! Men say that they stray because of the way the other woman makes them feel. Women say that they stray because they don't get the attention that they feel they need and deserve from their partner. So, it sounds to me like everyone wants the same thing. That leaves me asking this: Why is it easier to give that attention to a stranger than it is to give it to the person that you say you love?
Just wondering...
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  1. "Familiarity breeds contempt." -Unknown

  2. Hey Stafford... I'll go along with that!