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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Favorite Destinations ~ Pick # 2

Favorite Destinations ~ Pick # 2

Here's the thing about Mexico; it doesn't take long to get there, the tourist districts are, by just about any one's standards, safe, and there are endless choices as to how you can spend your day! Add in the fact that Mexico is probably one of the most inexpensive places to visit, and you have a dream vacation awaiting you!

I absolutely cannot get enough of Mexico and I never get tired of visiting. The culture is fascinating, the scenery beautiful, and the citizens are friendly and gracious. I have always found that the people in Mexico will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. It's no surprise to me that thousands of Americans have made the move to Mexico and now call it home.

Unfortunately, Mexico is a very poor country and has suffered a major hit recently; the swine flu outbreak as well as U.S. officials warning citizens not to go to Mexico due to safety reasons. I truly hope that Mexico has the ability to recover and flourish; they survive on tourism and they're not the only one's suffering... those of us that love that country are anxious to visit once again!

Top Photo: 2006 ~ Cancun
Bottom Photo: 2000 ~ Playa Del Carmen
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  1. Tell me Tina!
    I love, La Calafia!
    A restaurant & nightclub on the coast of Baja California, Mexico. Unbelievable view! Lobster & a Mexican Cerveza`, gotta love it!
    I have not gone, No One will go with me. They think I'm crazy!
    There is a Ship that is a dance floor right on the tides, dance all night long!

  2. Hi Lolie!
    I would go with you! Sounds like a lot of fun!