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Monday, July 13, 2009


People love anything nostalgic. Old movies, antique furniture, antique cars, beautiful old homes, cans, name it! So, should we be surprised that people can't get enough of old photo's? The photo's themselves don't even have to be old; as long as they look old! There has been a growing trend over the past few years in the photography world relating directly to this topic! Consumers are quickly buying up prints that have that "old time feel" and photographers have discovered that Sepia and Black & White prints are all the rage!
So, what is this all about? I tend to believe that we gravitate toward nostalgic items because they remind us of a simpler time. We can look at something old, touch it, and remember life before computers, cell phones, and plastic surgery. Even if we weren't alive back then we somehow feel comforted when we get a glimpse of the past. Who doesn't love an old rocking chair sitting on a porch? It's an instant reminder, for so many of us, of our childhood. We see something old and we're reminded of our grandparents; our history.
Life back then just seemed easy. People moved at a slower pace. So, when a single photograph can transport someone back to a different place and time it's no surprise that they would be drawn to it.
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Eastcreek Photography


  1. I agree with you, I am experimenting with Sepia and black and white photos now, I find that just about any train looks better that way than in color, the same goes for many things, having the "old tyme" look is so much more cool looking. Keep up the good work, you're a great photographer.

  2. Love this one, T! I'm a sucker for old stuff. I just can't force myself to love new-fangled items. If I'm in the market for furniture or something of the like, I always look for old stuff. If I can't find it old, I alter it to make it look old. I'd love to be out of this busy, dirty city, back in the country again. Back with nature, dang it! In an old-ass house with the walls falling down; all so I can restore it to it's original gradeur. Oh, what I wouldn't give!

  3. Another nice post, Tina. I want to do more shooting in some rural areas. I am a small town boy.

  4. Hi Kevin, Shea & Gerry!
    I love old stuff too! You know, even though I grew up in a city like Chicago (and a great city it is) there's just something about the country... the old signs, buildings, historical monuments and the overall scenery that you just can't find in a major city! Love it!

  5. Why, you young whippersnapper!