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Friday, July 17, 2009

Favorite Destinations ~ Top 5

I'm often asked, of all the places I've been, which is my favorite? This is a very difficult question to answer; each and every location has it's own special place in my heart. I think my answer may vary depending on the time of year and my mood. Sometimes you just want to get away from life as you know it and chill out; when I'm in that state of mind I think of Maui. Sometimes you just want to have fun, cut loose and party; no place like Vegas for that!
I have given much thought to this question and I've decided to make my top five list! At least this is my top five right now! The list is subject to change. So, starting with #5 and working our way to #1, my #5 pick is France.

France is a photographers dream and absolute heaven for any artist or history buff! The city of Paris is alive with excitement and undoubtedly the worlds fashion capital! There's a relaxed atmosphere and the way of life is quite different than what we experience in the United States.

I spent an amazing 10 days in France, but the highlight of my visit was spending a day in Giverny France at Claude Monet's home. His gardens are still maintained exactly as he himself had cared for them. The interior of his home remains the same and as one strolls throughout the property it's nearly impossible not to feel his presence. To see what he saw and to wander around as he did, there is no question where he found his inspiration.

Claude Monet died in Giverny France in 1926.

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  1. Very nice Photos & Story Tina

  2. Thank you Lolie ~
    I planned on posting photo's of Monet's Gardens, but realized I had them on a different disc! But, I will post them at a later date!