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Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Unique Breed ~

Photographers are a unique breed, and during a telephone conversation with my husband last week I found out just how unique we are. This is how the conversation went:

David: Damn it!

Me: What???

David: There's a cow!

Me: A cow? Where are you?

David: Driving down the road!

Me: Where's the cow?

David: Walking down the middle of the road!

Me: Shoot it!

David: What???

Me: With your camera! Shoot it!

David: I'm not pulling over to take a picture of a cow! You can get a picture of a cow anytime!

Me: Not walking down the middle of the road you can't!!!

Well, David refused to get out of his warm truck to take a picture of that cow and it occurred to me just how differently a photographer sees the world. If it's unusual, interesting, or just downright funny, a photographer sees an opportunity. To anyone else, they just see a cow walking down the road.
Photo: Eastcreek Photography
Originally published in "Southern Comfort"
Copyright 2009


  1. ROFL!! OMG!! This is hilarious! I can hear Big Dave..."Shoot it? She wants me to shoot the cow? What the...?"