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Monday, October 26, 2009

Pretty in Pink ~

After many failed attempts, due to constant rainfall, I was finally presented with the opportunity to visit Birmingham, which I now refer to as the "Pink City."
As I reported in an earlier post, Mayor Larry Langford decided to paint the city pink using pink light bulb covers at a cost of $5000.00 Like many others, I wasn't convinced that this was the best way to spend 5 grand. Yes, it's wonderful to promote Breast Cancer Awareness month, but I wondered if the 5 grand couldn't be spent in a more productive manner.
The photo's that I am posting today were shot at the Birmingham Museum of Art, City Hall, and Vulcan.
I was a bit peeved when I realized that there was a charge of $6.00 per person to enter Vulcan Park. Not because I don't understand that the money they collect at the park is used for maintenance, but because this is Breast Cancer Awareness month. The Vulcan statue is standing proudly in pink and it seems to me that the money brought in this month could be donated to the search for a cure. I'm convinced that Mayor Langford's heart was in the right place, but I'm not sure anyone took the time to use this campaign as a means for making a difference. Overall, the city was spectacular lit up in pink. I just wish the city had used this as an opportunity to make a real difference.

Photo's: Eastcreek Photography
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