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Friday, October 9, 2009

Panning ~

Panning refers to the horizontal movement or rotation of a still. The panning technique is used to suggest fast motion, and bring out foreground from background. The desired result is achieved when your subject, which is moving at a quick speed, appears to be standing still and the background is streaked.
To achieve this effect you must keep your subject in the same position of the frame for the duration of the exposure. The length of exposure required varies depending on the speed of your subject, the distance from the subject and the background, and the focal length of the lens that you are using.
I have found that the more you practice this technique the easier it becomes. A number of photographers use a tripod to achieve this effect, which makes it easier to swing the camera along.
Photo: Eastcreek Photography
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  1. The term panning takes me back to the late 1960's. Purchased my first 8 mm movie camera back then. While showing some home family movies my father-in-law commited "your panning your camera to fast"? After he told me what panning meant... I explained was trying to conserve film! That was a dumb answer. Ha Ha..Never panned the movie camera fast after that.