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Friday, October 23, 2009

Too Much of Anything ~

We've all heard the old saying "Too much of anything can't be good." I must say, as I get older I'm beginning to understand just how true that is! What I've had too much of is rain! We have had more rain this year than I can remember ever having. I'm talking rain non stop for weeks on end.
I have had to postpone one shoot after another and in fact, have only been able to shoot 2 times this year on the originally scheduled dates. Today is no different. Today I was suppose to be in Birmingham shooting at the zoo, but am I there? Of course's raining!
Out of frustration, I grabbed my camera last night, went out on my front porch, and captured my nemesis. What else is a photographer to do?


  1. Knowing your neck-of-the-woods has had more than its share of rain this year and mine is in a multi-year drought, I pose this question: We can put a man on the moon and develop instant, world-wide communication with the internet. Why can't we get water from places with too much to places which need it? Uh, and avoid paying as much as another supply-and-demand liquid.....oil!

  2. Interesting...
    I don't know, but kind of related to the question you pose...Have you heard anything about Freakenomics??? (I think I spelled that correctly) Now they say that they can end Global Warming with a garden hose. So, the question is "If you can end Global Warming with a garden hose, then why hasn't it been done yet?" That is, if you believe in global warming...a subject that I certainly don't want to debate with anyone. I'm still riding the fence.