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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Warm Thoughts ~

It's 17 degrees and I'm wondering if I really live in the south? And, what happened to that Global Warming we were hearing so much about? The entire country seems to be in a deep freeze right now. I'm trying to just think warm thoughts, but every time Chi Chi decides he wants to go outside I have to brace myself for the cold wind that whips through when I open the door! And, we all know...once you get cold it's hard to warm back up! It would seem that we're in for a very long and very cold winter! It's been cold here since October and that's unheard of! Makes me wish I were back in Hawaii!
The photo that I'm posting today was shot in Oahu as the sun was beginning to set. We were driving around the entire island and as luck would have it, we made a stop to enjoy the view and a photographer was in the middle of a shoot. The model was posing and I started shooting! Yay for me!!!

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