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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Freezing ~

Brrr... another day of temps below freezing and it's only gonna get colder! This seems to be the topic on every major news network and I certainly don't need a meteorologist to tell me it's cold out there! With the exception of the west coast, the entire nation is in a deep freeze. We're looking at single digits before the week is out and they're even predicting snow! The good thing is that means I can get some Winter shots for this months photo group challenge! I pretty much thought I was dead in the water when it came to this challenge; around here our winter scenery consists of dead grass, dead trees and gray skies, but perhaps I have been given a rare opportunity! So, for now I wait...


  1. Great picture. And I'm glad someone's putting the weather to good use!

  2. LOL ~ Thanks Brent!
    Stay warm!!!