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Thursday, January 14, 2010

They Work Hard For The Money!

"Wedding photographers charge a lot of money! Why?" Oh... if I had a dime for every time I've been asked that question.
For all you photographers out there, you know why, but to the couple getting married, let me explain.
Shooting a wedding is a huge responsibility; you want to look good and your photographer wants you to look good! Your next door neighbor with a point and shoot camera just isn't going to produce the images that you will treasure for the rest of your life (or at least for the duration of your marriage). So, hiring a professional photographer is worth the price that you will pay!
Also remember that a professional photographer knows how to set the photo's up. A professional photographer will produce images that you never even thought of! Brides...I know most of you have planned your entire wedding since the age of two, but when it comes to capturing those special moments, most of you don't give much consideration to how that will be achieved.
Finally, a photographer will put it all together, edit your pics so you always remember just how beautiful that day was, and leave you with an album that captures every moment of your day!
So, in closing, a professional photographer earns every penny that he or she charges you. This is one area that you will not want to skimp on. Thoroughly check out any photographer that you plan to hire for your big day and if you have to cut corners then perhaps you can cut them elsewhere. Afterall, is it really that important that your dad's mechanic be at the reception?


  1. Nice post. Whoever would question the worth of a good photographer at a wedding has probably never been to a wedding! It looks like an insane amount of work and a lot of responsibility. You only have one shot (excuse the pun) with no redos!

  2. Thanks Sweepyjean!
    You would be surprised how many people question the worth of a photographer. And, it's not just weddings. People seem to think that photographers should basically be free; I mean, after all, just about everyone has a camera! A lot of people think that anyone can point and shoot (and they can), but don't realize the importance of a good photographer until it's too late!

  3. Yes I can relate to that mentality. I'm sure you get comments like "my brother's a good photographer, he should charging for it." when the brother is not at all a professional photographer. I sell industrial equipment for a living, it's costly stuff (but it isn't cheap to make either) but people will add on a $10,000.00 feature (cost) and then say, can't you throw that in? No, no I can't.

    It's the same with writing, tell someone you write and it's always "I use to write" as if they were planning to be the next Hemingway, but just got too busy. If you want good results, pay for good results, every time.

  4. Well said Brent!
    I "get" people wanting a deal, but some people take it wayyyyy too far! They seem to think that whatever the product is, that it's actually worth a lot less. I wonder how far a person would get if they tried to bargain down the cost of a medical procedure? And, if they got a bargain, what would the result be???

  5. Sure, a deal we all understand. But there's a mentality ot work where it seems some customers are not satisfied unless they are certain you make nothing at all.(I know it sounds extreme, but I'm serious)
    Personally I love to know that companies I pay are making a profit, that tells me they'll be around tomorrow! (and also that they likely enjoy what they do)

  6. doesn't sound extreme to me at all. It's the same mentality that you see time and time again with "Mom & Pop" businesses. Here's a struggling business doing what they can to get by, and the community doesn't support them. Then, when the business closes the doors those same people that didn't support them don't understand why they went out of business.