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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Trading Spaces

It's not everyday that you see me post twice in a 24 hour period; actually, that never happens! But, today is different, because today is the beginning of a new segment you will see here on Eastcreek Photography. It's called Trading Spaces! Periodically, Hoiyin Ip a friend of mine from California, and fellow photog and I will "swap" blogs. She will give her point of view, and share with you some amazing photography, and I will be doing the same on her blog! So, sit back and enjoy a Californians point of view!

Trading Spaces: A Peek Into the OC Lala Land

Do you really believe what you see in the TV shows? Well, as much as I know I shouldn't, subconsciously it is rubbing in...I get an idea about a place I have not been to. If the shows didn't do it, it is the jokes. I hear those A-la-ba-mian jokes every so often. When I found out Tina lives in Alabama, I couldn't help think of a few. Sure enough, Tina fired back a few Californian jokes. Fair!
OK, let me give you a peek into the lala land - Orange County, California. Life here is half as glamorous as the TV shows, but three quarters as funny as Tina's Californian jokes.
First, be as jealous as you want about our all-year-long gorgeous weather. And, we take full advantage of it. To some, it means all year long tank tops so eye-catching boobs become a necessity, whether given by good genes or expensive surgeons. But, we tend to not judge people by that. It's just the look, not the heart. Hey, in some cultures, even wearing make-up is considered being artificial.
When I travel to other states I'm often asked about my ocean-front mansion. Sorry, I disappoint you. I don't have one. In fact, only the very lucky few live in ocean-front mansions as seen in TV. The second luckiest live in ocean-view shoe boxes. As you move from the coast to inland, the houses gradually get bigger, from 800 sq. ft and typically max at 3000 sq. ft. Yes, 3000 sq. ft. gets a wow here! But, to an extent, OC living is eco-friendly because small homes consume less energy. If you want to laugh at my glass-half-full attitude, hold on until you hear about our back yards. It is typically not bigger than the house. And the most sought after yard is a concrete yard! Very practical. A lot of time is saved from mowing the lawn and trimming the trees. Anything that can save us time at home is greatly appreciated because we need the time for the freeway.
When it comes to food, fried chicken and barbecued ribs-main stream American bores the Californian melting pot. We constantly seek variety. While vegetarian is increasingly popular, the trend is vegan and raw. And Asian food is a natural fit for this new crave. How does Vietnamese-fusion-vegan-raw sound? Restaurants like this typically have a line waiting by the front door. They serve "meat" made of tofu. And you really can be fooled by its look, texture and taste! You have to try it when you come to OC. It is tasty, healthy, eco-friendly, and budget friendly! Beat that!
Yes, there are many more Californian jokes. I'm not going to explain ourselves for each of them. But you got an idea what I would say if i went on and on. We work hard for a better life that hopefully matches the image that the rest of the country have in mind. And remember if we look crazy, there is a good reason (although we like crazy)!
Photo's courteous Hoiyin Ip

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