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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Photog's: WIN $5,000

Listen up fellow photog's!!!
Do you have that one amazing photograph that's just been sitting around inside your computer, and you know it's an award winning shot, but you never knew what to do with it? Well, today may be your day!!!
Enter to win the chance to get YOUR photograph on the front cover of a Frommer's book and $5,000.00!
You can enter as often as you want now thru March 31, 2010. So, if you've done a lot of traveling and have several award winning shots, enter, enter, enter!!! Go to
Good luck!!!


  1. i have no shortage of shots and some of them are pretty damn good but i have no idea if they are what the book people want.

  2. honestly, "damn good" might have been too strong, i got carried away

  3. LOL ~ Hey, if they're "damn good" then they're "damn good"!!! Submit away! Someone's going to win that $5,000... give it a shot (no pun intended) it may just be you!!!
    Good Luck!