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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Why kids are so photogenic!

Up at 5:30 am today! Now, why would anyone do this on a Sunday morning? Well, to meet the kids and grandkids for breakfast in Birmingham! Why else?
Aria and Trent left this afternoon with my son-in-laws parents for a week at the beach. Now there's two smart kids! They go to the beach and leave their mom and dad at home! I like that!
So we all met for breakfast and afterwards we took advantage of the beautiful morning with a photo shoot! I shot 85 frames and after viewing them on my computer screen I realized that kids never take bad photo's. I sat there for a few minutes, staring at my screen, in amazement. This has never occured to me before! Why are kids so photogenic? As I browsed through todays pics I realized that kids take great photo's because they're care free. They don't worry about how they look or what they're wearing. They're not concerned with whether or not the angle is going to make them look fat. They don't try to be something that they're not.
Kids take great photo's because the world hasn't had a chance to tell them that they're not good enough. Kids don't worry what other people will say when viewing their photo's. Kids have an innocence, that unfortunately, doesn't last very long. It's such a shame that society will eventually change them. It won't be much longer before they're dodging camera's and begin noticing flaws that no one else will notice.
We as a society put so much emphasis on beauty that we try to live up to an impossible standard. It's been said before, but bears repeating: Even the most beautiful models, actors and actresses don't look like themselves. It's a photographers job to make them look the way, we as a society, expect them to look! We airbrush them, we photoshop them, and voila... Perfection!
But kids... we don't have to do anything! They're perfect just the way they are!


  1. Tina, what a perfect way to express the truth..Kids are great subjects, with their toothless smiles, boo boo's on their faces and dirty faces. I enjoy photographing kids, My kids are amazed at the number of photos I have of them from their childhood..They enjoy looking through and remembering. And of course the oh my god mom how could you, some of my favorites...

  2. LOL! I know what you mean Janice! As a Christmas gift a couple of years ago I made a scrapbook for Tiffany. The book began when she was born and ended the day she became a mommy! It took six long months to do it, but it was worth the effort! I still had her first airline ticket...her first concert ticket... and pics from every important event in her life! I'm not into scrapbooking by any means, but she is and now she has the book to pass down to her kids one day!