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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

First Post


Since this is my first post I thought it only appropriate to introduce myself!

My name is Tina Westbrook. I was born in Chicago Illinois, 1965 and moved to Alabama in 1983.

I am a photographer and have published four photography books.

After years of shooting weddings, I became burned out and turned my focus to landscapes. I still, on occasion, shoot people, but it's typically nudes. I thoroughly enjoy working with models that are open to new ideas. Photographing nudes is truly an art, and it is always my goal to visually portray each models personality. To simply photograph an individual nude results merely in a photograph of a nude individual. But, to capture a nudes personality and vulnerabilities is an extremely rewarding experience. Not only for the photographer, but more importantly for the model and the viewer.

The photo that I have posted today is the cover from my first photography book; Southern Comfort. Southern Comfort visually portrays the feeling of coming home. The book is filled with everyday images throughout the state of Alabama.

I would love to hear from anyone that shares a love of photography. Whether you are a professional or an Amateur does not matter. To be passionate about anything should be shared with others! Join this blog and share your thoughts and ideas!


  1. You are a talented photographer and it is nice to read the thoughts behind the lens.

    Great blog.

  2. Thank you Gerry!
    I always love to hear what was going on during a shoot, or to learn what the photographer was thinking while shooting a particular subject. I also like to hear how a photo affects a person. That's what it's all about!

  3. Hey great shots, you're a wonderful photographer, keep it up. Congradulations on your blog, your a blogger now, LOL. Take care and keep shooting [photos, not people] LOL

  4. Thanks Kevin ~
    I try not to shoot people, but on occasion, I can't help myself!
    Enjoy the blog!