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Thursday, June 25, 2009


The photograph that I'm posting today was shot in California, in 1965. I found this photo while browsing through some pictures that belong to a very special gentleman. When I discovered this photo I had no idea that it had been taken back in 1965 ~ the year I was born. I saw this photo and was instantly transported to a different time; a different place.
In my minds eye I can imagine what life was like during that period of time. Nineteen years old, living in California; footloose and fancy free!
If you've ever wondered what makes a photograph "timeless", this is it! 44 years have passed since that nineteen year old young man came walking back from the beach and it could have been shot yesterday!
A good photograph is one that evokes emotion. For me, I see this and I'm reminded of "Old Hollywood." The dark sunglasses, the carefree body language, the incredible physique. I look at this photograph and I see a young man with his entire life ahead of him. What does his future look like? and could he have ever imagined, at the moment that this photo was taken, that 44 years later he would be telling the story to someone that hadn't even been born yet!
If I were to give this photo a title it would be "Timeless". A lot of things have changed in 44 years; our country, our world, our society. This photo captured a place, a time, a feeling... and for the young man in that photo, it captured a moment of his life.
This photograph was graciously given to me by Jay Stafford; Jay is that young man. The photographer that captured that moment in time is Jay's lifelong friend, Tony Ardolino. Thank you so much for sharing this momento with me! This may be my all time favorite photo!


  1. Jay!
    You haven't changed a Bit!

  2. Lolie ~ I can't wait until he reads that!

  3. Tina,
    Between the tears and the goosebumps, I can hardly type this. Shortly after that photo, I was drafted into the Army (Vietnam). After that, I worked for over 40 years in aerospace. Now I'm retired. I was 15 when the 60's began, 25 when they ended. That should tell a lot about how I developed along with a crazy world. I don't deserve the attention this is getting on your blog and am a bit embarrassed. But, I'm also very thankful.

  4. Jay,
    As a photographer, you know the importance of documenting "life" through photography. The photo of you during 1965 freezes that moment in time. I am thankful that you shared that photograph with me and allowed me to post it here for everyone else to enjoy!
    You are truly one in a million!