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Friday, November 20, 2009

Road Trip ~

I took a little road trip yesterday to Franklin Tennessee. Franklin is a little town about 25 miles south of Nashville. I had never been before, but over the years I have had several friends tell me "Oh, you just gotta go! The little shops are fantastic, the restaurants are amazing, and it's just a wonderful day trip!" Well, work and life have always gotten in the way of road trips, but yesterday I thought what the hell and went on up.
I learned a long time ago, unless you're just running down to your local grocery store, always take a camera with you! It never seems to fail; you go somewhere and don't have a camera and you're guaranteed to see something that will make you kick your own ass for not bringing one. Afterall, one never knows when a photo op will occur!
I have seen a lot of graffiti in my lifetime. I have seen graffiti walls, bridges, overpasses, train cars, buildings, road name it, I have seen it covered in graffiti. However, I have never seen a car covered in graffiti until yesterday. The detail was absolutely amazing and finding this car made me feel like a kid in a candy store!
Once again, I am simply in awe of the artistic ability of a graffiti artist! I'm just hoping that this car belongs to the artist and wasn't a late night work of expression!

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