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Friday, November 6, 2009

Different Angles ~

An old friend of mine, back from high school, has recently discovered a renewed interest in photography. His interest led him to take a photography class last night and today he was telling me all about it. Basically, the instructor explained the functions of the camera. However, he did mention that the instructor discussed shooting objects at different angles. "Hallelujah" I thought!
I see this time and time again. People go out and shoot something, but it never occurs to them to shoot it at a different angle. Lets face it, anyone can point and shoot. How many times do you see the same object shot in the exact same way? Sometimes you just have to put yourself in awkward situations to make an ordinary photograph interesting.
So, next time you pick up your camera and find yourself pointing and shooting, think about how you can make that ordinary picture extraordinary!
Photo: Eastcreek Photography
Copyright 2009


  1. So right, Tina! For example, shooting children. So many people photograph children while standing up. The child has to look up at the camera. Get down where they face the camera directly! Kneel, sit or lie down...that's where they live! It makes for a much more natural photo.

  2. Exactly!
    I see that all the time! And although it happens a lot with kids, I notice that most people shoot everything like that! Cars, flowers, everything!