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Sunday, February 14, 2010


This is the image of the children that FB removed from my photo album, because they felt it was inappropriate. The second image is what I see on my FB home page on a daily basis, and what has been posted on my wall more than 15 times. The second image is posted by FB members and they get these images through a FB app.
Is it just me or does anyone else find this confusing?


  1. Honestly Tina, I've never seen an image like the second on on Facebook ever, not on an ad or anything. That is really strange. I'm sorry you have some much trouble with that site. It's really bizarre.

  2. Hey Syd ~
    The 2nd image was being posted on FB members walls and was all over the home page the past couple days. It was posted to my wall more than 15 times. There's a virus in FB App's and this was being randomly sent. I was highly irritated since I don't even use any of the App's. I just kept deleting them and today I changed my settings so no one can post anything on my wall.

  3. i have to wonder if someone (maybe with an agenda, maybe not) lodged some sort of complaint about the photo, with the sheer volume of photos on FB, it seems unlikely that they would just happen to spot yours

    also, you are much better at photographing nudes than the other shot that was included below the removed image from your FB :)