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Friday, February 5, 2010

Gerry Daniel ~

As the release date for Letters From Alcatraz draws closer I find myself excited and nervous all at the same time. On one hand time seems to be moving slowly and on the other hand it seems to be flying by! When I think that it was only a little more than a month ago that I signed with Trafford Publishing, yet the book is scheduled to be released in a few short weeks, I'm dumbfounded. I'm anxious to get the book out there, but then I realize that I'm putting a piece of myself out there!
This week I was able to move to the next stage of this process and visit the location where the release party will be held! We have chosen Wildflower Wax & Boutique as our party location! Although not the "traditional" place one would normally think to have a book release party, I feel this is the perfect location! Wildflower is a quaint, relaxing and warm environment that exudes charm. The shop is owned by Dave & Jennifer Rankin and they have the ability to do what very few business owners seem to have the capability of doing these days; they treat all that enter their shop as friends.
Gerry Daniel photographed the shop and it is his photo's that I am posting today. Gerry has signed on as my photographer for all events related to Letters From Alcatraz. He is an extremely talented photographer and has the ability to take a normally mundane object and turn it into something phenomenal! I would encourage all photography fans to check his work out! He has a new web site and you can find him at:


  1. I can't imagine how excited you must be! Looks like a great location for the party.

  2. I am excited (and nervous), but mostly excited! I'm ready for this book to get out there!

  3. Tina, thanks for including me in this experience. Your comments about my photography are appreciated more than I can say.

    You have written an amazing book and I think you are at the beginning of something very special.

    I'm looking forward to capturing this adventure in photographs as it unfolds.

  4. This looks amazing and truly something that people will carry with them.

    Gerry's work is fantastic, breath taking...

    I winning team :)

  5. Thank you Gerry! I am really looking forward to working with you!

    C.McVey ~ I would agree with you! Gerry's work is fantastic!!!