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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cancer Doesn't Discriminate

I woke up at 6:30 this morning and as I made my way into the kitchen to give Chi Chi his meds I grabbed the remote and turned on the television. I had barely made it to the kitchen counter when I heard a local newscaster say that Patrick Swayze had lost his battle with cancer overnight.
In recent years Patrick had purchased a lake house not too far from where I live, and on occasion I had passed him on the road, but never had the opportunity to meet him face to face.
I thought about this talented individual and his brave fight against a disease that shows no mercy. I also thought of my father who lost his life to cancer at the age of 58. Like Patrick, he was too young to die. I have learned all too well that cancer doesn't discriminate. Cancer doesn't care what age you are, it doesn't care if you're a celebrity or how much money you have. Cancer is vicious and will attack anyone at anytime.
I thought of my cousin who lost her life at the age of 35, and I thought of my grandmother, my uncle, and all the other friends and relatives that were hit by an opponent that they didn't see coming.
As the world grieves the loss of yet another high profile celebrity there is one good thing that can come from this; we can all do our part to help find a cure. Although our economy is suffering right now, there are many things that can be done to help with the fight. We can volunteer our time, we can participate in the walks and runs held all across our country, and we can lend a helping hand to those in our communities that are in the fight of their lives.
We must remember that there is always hope! I believe that someday, hopefully within our lifetime, they will find a cure for cancer. My father donated his body to science in hopes that he may play some small part in finding a cure. I'm reminded today that we must all do what we can do to help find a cure. A couple of months ago it was Farrah Faucett, last night it was Patrick Swayze, and I can guarantee you that today several more individuals will lose their life. Cancer should matter to all of us because we never know when it will strike!


  1. I wish I got the chance to know your dad. =( I've heard so many wonderful stories about him, from you and Tiff. I remember his memorial like it was yesterday. *cry* I love you, Ma!!

  2. Love you too Baby Girl!
    It does seem like yesterday... it's hard to believe that it was 11 (almost 12) years ago!