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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Birmingham is going Pink ~

Birmingham Alabama is going pink during the month of October. The mayor of Birmingham, Larry Langford, has announced that in support of Breast Cancer Awareness he will turn the city pink.
The Birmingham Council Committee has approved spending $2,500 on pink light bulb covers with another $2,500 more coming from the mayors office budget.
Mayor Langford is also working to arrange 1,000 free mammograms for women who cannot afford them.
As a photographer, I will definitely take the time to go to Birmingham to photograph the pink city, but I am left wondering if $5,000 couldn't be put to better use to help support the cause. I would imagine that there are more than 1,000 women in the city that cannot afford mammograms.
I commend Mayor Langford for bringing so much needed attention to the cause, but I wonder if turning the city pink will help save lives.
Photo provided by AFP


  1. I agree with you Tina,
    sounds more like He wants to draw attention to the City, I would have Celebrities sign and sell each of the Pink Bulbs. Or have each Pink Bulbs sold and give the money for Donation and after the Event give the Pink Bulb to the Person that purchased it.

  2. Hi Lolie!
    Excellent Idea!!!
    It seems to me that spending $5000 to raise awareness just isn't as good of an idea as spending $5000 to raise money! Once the month is over the $5000 is gone, but if they could turn that $5000 in $10,000 (or more) than THAT would really make an impact!
    Thanks for your input!!!

  3. I agree with you..for me it is much better if the money she will going to spend in that pink city whatever should be spend in helping those who have breast cancer..

  4. I completely understand the importance of making people aware of Breast Cancer, but as Francein said, there are so many families that are dealing with this disease (and so many others that will deal with this disease) that perhaps the money could be put to better use.