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Monday, August 10, 2009

Lost in Time ~

My husband and I spent yesterday with his parents, celebrating my Mother in Laws 67th birthday. During our visit my Father in Law began telling me about a Sunflower Field that I just had to see. We all piled in the car and headed out to view this magnificent field. I shot nearly 50 frames in the field and on our way back we made a little detour and discovered a scene from days long ago. As I began to shoot this scene my imagination wandered. It felt as if you listened very carefully you would be able to hear tractors plowing the
I often wonder why people don't tear down old barns, dilapidated buildings, and outdated structures. Then I stumble across a piece of the past and I'm thankful they don't. As a society we tend to forget the way the world used to be and we live in the here and now. I believe that in order to appreciate where we are today, we need to remember where we came from. Past generations struggled to build the world that we enjoy today, and we should always remember and never forget their efforts.


  1. I remember every summer when I was a small kid going to Kentucky to visit my grandparents. We would go to a few state parks while we were down there, and we always passed old barn, gas stations from long ago, all rusted, about to fall down, abandoned. The old building remind us where we were and how far we have come since then. I love to see them out in a field just waiting for someone to come by, so they can tell them their story.

  2. Until I was in my late 30's early 40's I could care less about old buildings or antiques, but then something happened (not sure what) but I suddenly felt drawn to these things!
    I love to let my imagination wander and imagine life back then.